Calculating the trafficked area of your paddock !!

Soil compaction management

Controlled traffic farming (CTF) is your long-term management strategy to minimise the effect of compaction on crop production. The aim is to reduce the trafficked area of your paddock as much as possible. A fully matched system is trafficking about 9 to 12% of the paddock. 
This calculator can help you estimate the percentage of your paddock currently trafficked and assess compaction management options for your farm including controlled traffic farming and deep tillage. 



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Tip of the day 5/30/2018
Did you know you can tick or untick a combination so you can see where the corresponding wheel tracks are in the results?   

Setting common runlines for controlled traffic farming
A feature of CTF is machinery running in the same place for each operation. GPS guidance can assist in controlling traffic. It is possible to set common runlines that can be exported to each different machine. More information can be found